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Window Show Frames New Projects at CAC

The CAC's Visual Arts Department has made use of the building's beautiful windows facing St. Joseph Street in a new series, "EXPOSE."

Window as exhibition space is not an afterthought by the curators, a group comprised of Visual Arts assistant and interns in the department that is making inventive leaps under Director of Visual Arts Amy Mackie. Just as the window serves as a frame through which we view the intricacies of the natural world, the inaugural "EXPOSE" features work which creates a frame of reference for the organization of biological life through codes, order and organization for viewers.

"EXPOSE" features photography, audio, drawing and installations by Angela Driscoll, Taney Roniger, and Ying Zhu. Their work, methodical and organic, exhibits life's intricacies in the artists' own languages, translated from library call numbers (Driscoll), written text (Zhu), and computer code (Roniger). The artists' patterns and waves reference or mimic but do not necessarily copy nature and human's translation of it-- an example is Zhu's use of the letter 'N' as a visual form, its curve a microcosm of the waves she has drawn with many Ns on the wall. 'N' is for New Orleans and/or Nebraska, where Zhu lives.

The 3 windows facing St. Joseph Street have been used for exhibitions in the past, such as "VESTIGES: THINK TANKS" as part of Prospect.1 in 2008. But this time their ongoing use will be a springboard for Visual Arts Assistant Angela Berry and interns coming from places such as Philadelphia and Los Angeles to curate and coordinate exhibitions.

In addition to repurposing the windows, the Visual Arts Department launched a database to document New Orleans area artists, NOLA NOW, this summer, and an exhibition curated from its pages will open October 1 and run through January 29, 2012. The department will also host a new series of exhibitions, "EMERGE," beginning in February 2012 in the first floor oval gallery to highlight emerging local artists. In conjunction, a lecture series, "ARTSPEAK," begun 15 years ago at the CAC, will be re-implemented to give voice to "EMERGE" artists. Routine sound and video pieces on the first floor are yet another new fixture.

I look forward to what the department will come up with next--they've shown that CAC exhibition space is wide open.