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We've got your weekend: So many sights to see!

Thursday, March 31-Friday, April 1/Historic New Orleans Collection (533 Royal Street): It's a literary weekend this weekend in New Orleans with the Tennesse Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival taking place, and to dive into that, you want to head over to the HNOC on Thursday. They are having a series of talks that all revolve around literature and writing. The line-up for Thursday includes:

9:00 AM: "Manusccript. Agent. Publisher. Book. Readers"

10:30 AM: "Literary Expression in the Digital Age,"

1:00 PM: "Improvising Order: Process and Freedom in Writing"

2:30 PM: "Sense of Place: Essence of Writing"

The literary vibe continues throughout the whole weekend, so check out the programming here for specific details about where to be and when for your literary fill.

Friday, April 1-Sunday, April 3/Mayjaks (918 St. Mary Street): Mayjaks is putting on the plays - five of them in one weekend. That's right, you can change your emotional state as often as the stage crew changes the set this weekend. The works include: "The Rope" by Milena Martinovic; "Splash Sponge Dark and Hidden Away" by Timothy Adams; "Baby Teeth" by Harry Bartle' "A Visitation" by Joshua James; and "Synesthetic" from the Cobbleslop Group. The plays all begin at 7:30 PM, tickets are $8 for each play, and you can find out more details about the weened event here.

Friday, April 1-Sunday, April 3: Morning Call (56 Dreyfous Dr.): There's a new trail in New Orleans, and it's all for non-motorized vehicles. No, I'm not talking about the wonderful Lafitte Greenway. The Atchafalaya Wilderness Bike Trail is a gravel trail that runs on top of the levee from Henderson, Louisiana through 3 different parishes. The trail has been there for many years, but until a few weeks ago, there have been serious restrictions on its use. Harold Schoeffler, President of the S. Louisiana Sierra Club, has worked with the various towns along the route and about two weeks ago, the last of the permissions was received, which has now opened up the entire the trail for bike riders, walkers and hikers to enjoy. That means this weekend you can ride, walk, mosey, dance, whatever you want (as long as it's not motorized) on down that road. To join the group ride, meet up at Morning Call at 1:00 PM on April 1 and 5:00 PM on April 3. For full details, check out the event here.

Saturday, April 2/LeMieux Galleries (332 Julia Street): A little wine, a little cheese, some conversation, and some gazing at paintings. That is what is happening this Saturday, and you can be there. LeMieux Galleries is promoting their a new exhibition of paintings and prints by artist Jon Langford. The exhibition will open with a reception with the artist on Saturday, April 2  from 6:00-8:00 PM, and will remain on view until May 28. LeMieux Galleries is open 10:00 AM. to 5:30 PM. (Monday through Saturday) but remember that this specific soiree is from 6:00 PM-8:00 PM.

Sunday, April 3/Jackson Square: Stellllllaaaaaa!! We couldn't resist! The Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival will be happening all weekend, and we wanted to highlight the "Stanley and Stella Shouting Contest." Is it a good way to get out anger? Is it a good way to discover your inner actor? Is it a good way to make your teenage fantasies come true? Who cares! It's super fun to watch (and participate in)! In case you want to get your pipes on full volume, or in case you want to watch other people's faces turn red and not feel weird about it, then head to Jackson Square on Sunday from 4:15 PM to 6:00 PM. It's free and open to the public, so harness the heat of New Orleans and let your voice ring!