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We've got your weekend: All the senses are important

Thursday, July 21/Tulane University (201 Boggs Lavin-Bernick Center, Kendall Cram Lecture Hall): In case you missed seeing 91%: A Documentary About Guns In America during its three-day, sold-out premiere at the Broad Theater, you are still in luck. John Richie will be screening his film at Tulane University on Thursday at 7:00 P.M. The tickets are $10 online, which can be purchased here and they will be $12 at the door. There will a panel discussion following the film, and you can check out the recent interview with filmmaker John Richie from his appearance on 4WWL.

Friday, July 22/Marigny Opera House (725 Saint Ferdinand Street): There is something spiritual about hearing vocals in a tall ceiling church that is dedicated to the arts. And that is all happening on Friday night. Danube Mississippi Flow, a recital featuring New Orleans tenor Frederick George will be taking place at the Marigny Opera House at 8:00 P.M. The performance will include songs by Franz Schubert, as well as a selection of American spirituals. Frederick will be joined by singers Claudie Copland, Jesse Nolan, and Zara Zemmels, and all will be accompanied by pianist Violeta del rio Castillo. This recital is free to the public, with donations going directly to the artists and the Marigny Opera House Foundation.

Saturday, July 23/Sidney's Saloon (1200 Saint Bernard Ave.): During the summer months, many dance parties take a hiatus, but not Heatwave. It is there to live up to its name, so if you are ready to sweat some serious sweat and get down to vinyl from the 50s and 60s, then Heatwave is it for you this weekend. The dancing begins at 10:00 P.M. and runs until 2:00 A.M., which leaves you plenty of time to shake, shimee, and sweat through your clothes. For more details about the dance party, you can check it out here.

Sunday, July 24/Mojo Coffee House Freret (4700 Freret St.): A cup of joe on a Sunday morning is a must. A ritual. Well, Mojo Coffee House is taking the cup of joe to the next level with their “A Roaster’s Guide to Cupping." Similar to a wine tasting, Mojo Roastmaster Matt Cronin will lead you through the process of how to professionally evaluate coffee. This is your chance to find out why you like what you like. It's a little bit of meta for your Sunday morning, and it's a coffee cupping experience that allows you to have a more comparative approach to tasting. The taste bud excursion runs from 7:00 P.M. until 9:00 P.M. For more details about the event, you can check it out here.