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Week in review

Your week got the better of you and you missed a beat or two on NolaVie. You can catch up on local cultural arts news in NolaVie’s Week in Review, featuring a snapshot of the week’s features, published every Saturday.

Comic drama: Comic books on the rise in NOLA

neutrons protons

Neutrons Protons editor Sophie Johnson discusses the growth of New Orleans comics scene and the power of graphic narratives to transcend and arouse sentiments that language cannot convey.


Reviving the tradition of the Creole master craftsmen


One local entrepreneur has created the New Orleans Master Crafts Guild in order to pass along the knowledge of New Orleans’ still-living artisans.


AUDIO: Member of the week


New Orleans-based actor Gian Smith recalls how he made his mark in 1990s social media networking.


Squirrel in the tree...squirrel in the black pot


Squirrel: It’s what’s for supper. It’s the other choice. The chicken of the tree, so to speak. It’s free-range and no hormones added ever.


CONCERT RECAP: Dr. John and the Nite Trippers at The Joy Theater


Dr. John lead some of the best players in the city, in a tributary concert to Pops at The Joy Theater, acknowledging the debt New Orleans music owes him through a celebration of his timeless music.