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Week in review

Your week got the better of you and you missed a beat or two on NolaVie. You can catch up on local cultural arts news in NolaVie’s Week in Review, featuring a snapshot of the week’s features, published every Saturday.


Director of Pelican Bomb on New Orleans art, community and food


Burger lover and Executive Director of NOLA arts organization Pelican Bomb Cameron Shaw discusses the connectivity of art, community and food in New Orleans; how she won $10,000; and why she can’t live without (spicy) salsa.


ChangeWorks: FitLot


Local not-for-profit FitLot makes use of blighted properties, while reinforcing healthy habits throughout New Orleans communities.


AUDIO: 'Numb' podcast #4


The fourth installment of Goat in the Road Productions podcast series about their latest play "Numb." This particularepisode features a panel hosted by the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum.


New Orleans a mecca for 'voluntourism'



After Hurricane Katrina, volunteers arrived in New Orleans in droves to help fix the city. Nine years later, they still come, now, finding new problems to address.


Virtual Gallery: Laurel Street


West Riverside's Laurel Street in images.


Leo's Bread: Inside the kitchen

leos-bread-280x229 voluntourism


Baker and entrepreneur Kate Heller pours love and sweat into each loaf that rises in her Bywater popup Leo's Bread.