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We got your Fringe

As you may know, New Orleans Fringe Fest, a sizable gathering of under-the-radar performances -- everything from cabaret to trapeze arts to good old fashioned comedy -- is running though the weekend. With 77 performance options this year, selecting the right show for you is a time-consuming affair. Thus, we've compiled  list of our top 5 picks, each set with a mood state that each show might likely appeal to. Without further ado, here's what you should catch if you're feeling...


Ever so...

Artsy and tranquil :  BY-YOU Arts and Dance Co.  presents Ever so…,  an outdoor trapeze dance performance at dusk, from the branch of a large oaks tree, as the audience watches from blankets on the lawn below. The performance will be accompanied by a live a cappella performance. Running Friday - Sunday 5 PM at the Clouet Gardens. All ages welcome. Tickets $8.

Goofy and irreverent: Noisi Paintr Music/Theatrica presents Rush to Die. While the show’s name is less than inviting (Oh, Rush to Die? Yes, please sign me up immediately), the performance should be a light knee-slapper. The musical-comedy is centered around two men’s resolve to remedy their debt problems by capturing prolific author Salaman Rushdie (hence the title). Running 7 PM Friday and Saturday; 2 PM Sunday, at Dryades Performance Space. Attendance is 14+ only. Tickets $8.

Dark and mysterious : Hailing from San Francisco, storyteller-magician, Christian Cagigal, presents his one-man multimedia show, OBSCURA. Through magic, spoken word, and audience participation, Cagigal will render stories that range from fairy tales to dark fables to the truly bizarre. Running 7 PM Thursday, 11 PM Friday, 5 PM Saturday, 9 PM Sunday, at Mardi Gras Zone. Attendance is 14+ only. Tickets $8.

Imaginative and whimsical : Goat in the Road Productions presents the second episode of the magical realist radio story, This Sweaty City, about a water-filled city, reminiscent of the Big Easy, with mystical attributes, such as personified bicycles and floating offices. Running Thursday and Friday 11:30 PM at Luthjen’s Dance Hall. All ages welcome. Tickets $8. (For more information about This Sweaty City, check out their guest blog on NolaVie.)

Emma's Parlor

Emma's Parlor

Smart and contemplative : Howley and Play Productions presents Emma’s Parlor, an historical, puppet comedy (now, there’s something new), based upon the life of Emma Goldman, anarchist and political activist in the late 19th century and early 20th century, who was eventually exiled from the US. Running Thursday 9 PM, Friday 5 PM, Saturday 7 PM, Sunday 9 PM., at Back Yard Ballroom. Tickets $8. Attendance 14+ only (I’m not sure what kind of puppet show isn’t suitable for children, but I guess we’re about to find out).

For more information about tickets, after-parties, a parade, and more, visit the official NOLA Fringe Fest site.

Chelsea Lee is associate editor of NolaVie. Email comments to her at [email protected]

Chelsea Lee is managing editor at NolaVie. Email comments to her at [email protected]