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Virtual gallery: Mike Doughty at Gasa Gasa

When it comes to performances from singer/songwriter Mike Doughty, the answer should always be “Yes.”

Saturday night brought the alt-indie performer's world-renowned "Question Jar" show to Gasa Gasa, which proved to be a perfect venue for the show. The up-close and personal space produced an intimate show environmen, which ultimately seemed to enhance the experience of listening to Doughty's vocals and accompanying sounds from cellist Andrew "Scrap" Livingston.  The singer/songwriter played selections from his Soul Coughing catalog as we a plenty of new material from his latest release, Stellar Motel, providing the audience with a varied set. For more information about the performance, you can view his full set list here  and a complete gallery here.

Steven Hatley is a New Orleans-based photographer. You can find more of his photography here.