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VIDEO: Hips & Hipster

Editor's note: Chris Holt is a local artist/animator and the talent behind the wacky and wonderful Hips & Hipster, an animated cartoon that takes place in New Orleans. The show is about a dysfunctional, quirky detective agency based in the Marigny. Our city and unique way of life are exaggerated in this adult, comedic series, which includes a second line in each storyline. The voice talent consists of local friends and family who bring the characters to life as they “solve crime . . . one drink at a time.” First up: A tale about a haunted sno-ball stand. We think it's hilarious. Hope you do, too.

Chris Holt is a local artist and animator who, with help from his “semi” brother-in-law Mark de Sousa, has worked endless hours to bring the exploits of these drunken crime fighters to the Internet. Check out more of his work at www.hipsandhipster.com.