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UNO documentary: Michael James and Alleyn

My Graveyard Jaw was started in 2003 by front man Michael James, who says that, "after years of living deep in the Oregon forest in protection of old growth trees, traveling the United States, and many tours with The Know Nothing Circus Side Show," he found himself deep in the "dirty south of New Orleans, forced to confront his past, writing about his travels, loss of friends, and heartaches."  His music and lyrics, he says, reflect the life led, and life to come.

UNO film student Marshall Woodworth recently talked to James and photographer Alleyn Evans about their life in New Orleans. His short documentary "Michael James and Alleyn" was voted best student work in UNO film professor Laszlo Fulop's film class at UNO.

The Film and Theatre Department of UNO and NolaVie present this series of short films produced by the students in Laszlo Fulop's documentary class. Read Renee Peck's column about the program here.