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#TheEarlyDraft: Episode 3

Every Saturday at 9 p.m., comedian Jeff Whitaker takes the stage with his sketch comedy group Bad Example to mount a brand new, hour-long sketch show. This scrappy little Austin-based comedy group is the only group I know of -- outside of Saturday Night Live -- delivering this quantity of new material every week.

How does this young, unpaid group maintain such an ambitious output? How do they manage to keep the quality of their work high enough to build a cult a following -- without burning out their small cast of writer-performers? Most importantly, what effect does that amount of sketch writing have on one's comedic voice? One's writing proccess? One's courage to put work out into the world?

Bad Example founder Jeff Whitaker answers all of these questions in Episode 3 of #TheEarlyDraft Podcast, discussing fear, trust, and doing the hard scary work of "finding your own thing.". Jeff has written and performed sketch and improv comedy in Austin for years and has been featured at Chicago Sketch Fest, Moontower Comedy Festival, Fun Fun Fun Fest and the Del Close Marathon in New York City. You can catch Jeff at The New Movement, performing improv with the group Good Fight and in The Megaphone Show.

CJ Hunt is a comedy writer and performer living in New Orleans. His NolaVie blog and personal brand, The Early Draft, is dedicated to comedians-in-the-making. It’s a look into the career decisions and creative processes of funny people chasing the dream. You will hear from comedians with big names. And those with names you haven’t heard of…yet. Check back each week for a look into that weird cluttered back-room workshop where comedians are made. Watch CJ work at GOcjhunt.com. Follow him on Twitter @gocjhunt.