NolaVie Presents : Water

From the Mississippi to the Mekong

Listen to Sharon Litwin interview WWNO director Eve Troeh below.  For most of us, I suspect, the closest we might get to being in Vietnam is eating in one of the many excellent Vietnamese restaurants around the Crescent ... Read More »

ChangeWorks: Working with water

For generations in New Orleans, storm water run-off has been treated like an unruly houseguest: Get it out before it ruins everything we hold near and dear. But in the post-Katrina landscape of the city, a new and radical strategy is under way that flips decades of water phobia on its head. Read More »

Let's talk about water

Everyone’s talking about water. And as NolaVie associate editor Anna Shults pointed out in her recent letter to the Northeast, it’s not just us anymore. The conversations taking place among neighbors up north are ones that we know ... Read More »

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