NolaVie Presents : Video

Creature Feature: Great apes on the move

This week, the Audubon Nature Institute tells us about Casey (Gorilla) and Berani (Orangutan) who will be heading to new homes. They will be leaving as part of a strategy forged by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) to address the survival of their respective species, and Audubon wants to say their goodbyes. As do we. Read More »

UNO Documentary: Orleans Public Defenders (Video)

"In 2015, due to lack of resources and an overworked staff, the Orleans Public Defenders Office asked that it be sent no new criminal cases." UNO student and documentary filmmaker Jacob Main investigates how and why this could happen. Read More »

UNO documentary: Frances Rodriguez

Winner of "Best Documentary" for this semester, UNO student and filmmaker Bret Borgeson goes behind the scenes to France Rodriguez's studio to learn out about her craft and an alligator named Alice. Read More »

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