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Exploring NOLA like a local

People are looking for the local, authentic experience when they visit New Orleans and Patricia Maher is trying to bring that to them in the form of FUHWE. She pairs up travelers with locals for a little behind the scenes hosting. Read More »

New Orleans a mecca for 'voluntourism'

After Hurricane Katrina, volunteers arrived in New Orleans in droves to help fix the city. People from across the globe came ready to gut, clear debris, hang drywall, drain sludge-filled pools. Nine years later, they still come. Now, ... Read More »

The devil on the streetcar

I tried to avoid eye contact with the devil as he boarded the streetcar, but it’s never that easy in New Orleans. I’d never seen anything like his garish costume–complete with a red sequined jacket, sparkly platform shoes, and horn-adorned top hat–and couldn’t help but stare as he sat down on a nearby wooden seat and opened a can of Four Loko. Read More »

Instajournal: The out-of-towners

Once French Quarter Fest hits, so too does tourist fest. For the next couple months, curious, out-of-town souls will trek the cityscape. NolaVie recently ran a list of comments you'd never hear a true New Orleanian say. But what ... Read More »

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