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Inside New Noise: New Southern Hymnal

A Side + B Side

"Runnin’ Down the Mountain" is the first piece in a trilogy that we call "New Southern Hymnal." Through this series, NEW NOISE is taking a nuanced look at our cultural inheritance in the American South -- specifically asking what we’ve lost in the last century of intense, widespread migration and the triumph of modern industry over agriculture. Read More »

She loves them, yeah, yeah, yeah


Fifty years. A half century. OMG is that really how long it’s been since the Beatles were in New Orleans? While the official anniversary of that almost-religious event won’t happen until this coming September, celebrations begin this weekend with the opening of "Rain" at the Saenger Theatre and some accompanying events at the Monteleone Hotel, a hostelry that turned down the opportunity to house the Beatles in 1964 for fear of being overrun by frenzied females. Read More »

STRAY LEAVES: Portrait of the artist with two heads

Kate Chopin's "An Embarrassing Position" performed by the 9th Ward Opera Company at the Marigny Opera House. From left: Toni Skidmore, Dedrian Hogan, and Amanda McCarthy.

“Stray Leaves” is a monthly(ish) series of articles written by Michael Allen Zell that illuminate oddities and rarities from New Orleans’ literary history.  ”Stray Leaves,” in Zell’s words, is “a lifting up of stones and crowing about that found underneath, ... Read More »

The Saenger Theater reopens with fanfare

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 8.40.27 PM

The Saenger Theater reopened in September after a massive restoration of the original Art Deco design, including restorations and recreations of the original finishes and color schemes. But first a word or two about The Book of Mormon, Trey ... Read More »

Theater Musings: Land of abundance


There is nothing like leaving New Orleans to make you appreciate our unmatched array of choice. We recently returned from a series of trips designed to put NOLA summer and hurricane season at bay: Connecticut; Lake Michigan shores; ... Read More »

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