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Teaching the humanities of hacking

As we continue to honor Sharon Litwin, today we highlight her story done on Chuck Gardner, who teaches algebra and math. He’s also the Cyber Science Coordinator, the one who runs the elective robot classes. And it's not just about the mechanics. By introducing his students to the critical humanities aspects and social responsibilities of the devices they are learning to build, he is teaching them how to deal with and respect automated systems that can operate without human control. Read More »

Moms and technology: a generational divide

Technology changes from year-to-year, but a family wanting to build bonds with new mechanisms will never alter. Whether it's TV dinners or texts of love and support during disasters, Renee Peck muses about and remembers the technology from past to present that has brought her family closer. Read More »

Silver Threads: Senior smarts

I wish today’s technological generation would come up with some new words to describe the things they’ve developed. That would make it unnecessary for an old person like me to spend time wondering where exactly is the “cloud” ... Read More »

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