NolaVie Presents : Summer

Silver Threads: Beating the heat

When my parents bought their first air-conditioned car in the ‘50s, it sat in the driveway beside another, older vehicle that lacked that amenity. Who drove off in which depended on who got there first. Their Boston terrier, ... Read More »

Silver Threads: Some like it cold

It’s 5 p.m., and our little red dachshund is yapping … urgently and persistently. She’s had access to the backyard all day, so she isn’t just begging for a routine pit stop. She wants me to take her ... Read More »

NOLA Snapshot: Sewage in the summer

While I believe that everything is ripe for artistic interpretation, there are some things that fall distinctly outside the realm of beauty in my mind, including sewage. I don't think this is an unpopular opinion. Chances are good that ... Read More »

NOLA Snapshot: Summer slithers

As a former northerner, there are three wailing sirens that accompany summer in New Orleans. Number one is, of course, the heat/humidity; a close second belongs to the surprisingly consistent 2 p.m. thunderstorms, which roll around just in time for ... Read More »

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