NolaVie Presents : Silver Threads

Silver Threads: Googling gout

Bettye Anding

Whenever I’ve thought about gout -- and it hasn’t been often -- I’ve envisioned a man who looks like Winston Churchhill did, sitting in an easy chair, with a swollen and bandaged foot resting on a stool. The ... Read More »

Silver Threads: New Year's resolutions

Bettye Anding

Our little dachshund, Heidi, is going to make her first New Year’s resolution. She will stop continually barking and yapping inside our house in response to normal neighborhood noise. When I’ve determined there’s no danger outside, I’ll say, ... Read More »

Silver Threads: Password woes

Bettye Anding

Does anybody younger than my 50-something daughter remember the television game show Password? It ran on weekdays from 1961 to 1967 -- most of the years I spent at home with our son and daughter. I’d begun my ... Read More »

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