NolaVie Presents : Silver Threads

Silver Threads: If football ruled the world

Bettye Anding

  I began this column on Monday afternoon, and during my almost waking hours the next morning dreamed up a new lead: President Obama  had sent NFL advisors to trouble spots around the world to form into football teams the ... Read More »

Silver Threads: Theater hopping

The former Cine Royale Theatre on Canal Street, famous for its "nature" and "bad girl" films. Photo:, contributed by Don Lewis

Only a couple of weeks after I came here to work for The New Orleans States-Item, the city editor handed me a plum assignment: to review two blockbuster movies opening on Canal Street. I’d see one of the ... Read More »

Silver Threads: Louisiana World Exposition nostalgia


Meet me at the river … river/ meet me at the fair./ Don’t tell me the lights are shining/ anywhere but there ... That’s pretty much the song I was singing through the summer of 1984 -- in ... Read More »

Silver Threads: Let them eat bacon

Bettye Anding

When I was a teenager, our family lived in a house with a big front porch that my parents and grandmother used like a second living room. When it rained, Daddy sat out there anyway, on the metal ... Read More »

Silver Threads: TV just ain't what it used to be

Bettye Anding

Three or four months ago I ordered one of those little gadgets my tech-savvy grandson hooked up to our TV and made it possible for me to see free movies and shows I’d missed because I don’t subscribe ... Read More »

Silver Threads: Dog days

Bettye Anding

Have I ever told you that I once interviewed Dr. Zhivago? He and fellow reporters Melinda Gassaway and Rosemary James and I played bridge at the Roosevelt Hotel … I don’t play bridge; it was a set-up for ... Read More »

Silver Threads: Here today, goat tomorrow

Bettye Anding

The other night, as I was making a final meditative circuit of our big back porch before going to bed, I heard the distinctive and plaintive bleating of a goat. The “wilderness” area of Brechtel Park is just ... Read More »

Silver Threads: Alternative New Orleans festivals

Bettye Anding

The other day I got to wondering just who comes up with the ideas for all these festivals we’re having in New Orleans. The calendar is full, and the brains behind some of the partying is obvious. Tales ... Read More »

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