NolaVie Presents : Silver Threads

Silver Threads: Here today, goat tomorrow

Bettye Anding

The other night, as I was making a final meditative circuit of our big back porch before going to bed, I heard the distinctive and plaintive bleating of a goat. The “wilderness” area of Brechtel Park is just ... Read More »

Silver Threads: Alternative New Orleans festivals

Bettye Anding

The other day I got to wondering just who comes up with the ideas for all these festivals we’re having in New Orleans. The calendar is full, and the brains behind some of the partying is obvious. Tales ... Read More »

Silver Threads: Whatchamacallits from decades past

Bettye Anding

You’ve probably seen those continually updated lists of things people don’t know anything about if they were born only 10 or 20 years ago and that YouTube video showing some cute eight-year-olds trying to master the art of ... Read More »

Silver Threads: Testing the wonders of wrinkle cream

Bettye Anding

  I don’t remember exactly when surgical remedies for aging faces became popular among folks who aren’t appearing on the stage or screen. But today -- just take a look at the lined countenances of 70-something men appearing ... Read More »

Silver Threads: Independence days

Bettye Anding

Way back when Lambeth House  -- the posh retirement home for seniors on the crescent of the river in Uptown New Orleans -- was practically new, a former editor of mine and his wife moved there. They made ... Read More »

Silver Threads: It's not all music to her ears

Bettye Anding

  When a sprig of 23 came to work in our newsroom in the late ‘70s, she overheard another journalist and me talking about Claudette Colbert.“Who’s that -- some jet-setter?” she asked, flummoxing yours truly, almost 20 years ... Read More »

Silver Threads: It's not the heat, it's the ligustrum


  Nose running, eyes itching and puffy, I’m trolling the web for information about allergies in New Orleans.There’s a lot out there, at least half of it advertisements for local doctors who specialize in treating the above symptoms, ... Read More »

Silver Threads: Stamping out a noxious weed

Bettye Anding

On Sunday morning I was reading a newspaper article about Louisiana State University’s new ban on smoking on its main campus, and it got me to thinking about an embarrassing encounter I had with a cigarette as a ... Read More »

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