NolaVie Presents : Seafood

Food Porn: Vacation edition

Dear friends: Today your trusty NolaVie Food Pornographer is, in fact, not in New Orleans at all, but relaxing on the beautiful sandy beaches of the Alabama Gulf Coast. And by "relaxing," I mean "eating." And by "eating," ... Read More »

Food Porn: The bushido of excess

A childhood friend of mine, a guy from Opelousas with whom I went to summer camp for many years, started his career as a chef some time ago. This career choice shouldn't be shocking; I mean, the guy is ... Read More »

Food Porn: Good little monsters

Last weekend, I accomplished what can best be described as "my annual Jazz Fest food orgy." Now, I know most people attend the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage festival for the music; the crafts; and just the fact ... Read More »

Food Porn Friday: Nice mussels!

The phrase I most often find myself employing when it comes to the topic of seafood in South Louisiana is "an embarrassment of riches."  Between the oysters, shrimp, blue crabs, soft-shells, and stunningly beautiful Gulf fish, living in ... Read More »

Food Porn Friday: A light lunch

When it comes to sandwiches in New Orleans, I've always been a slave to the po-boy.  The muffaletta is a beloved classic, of course, but as a child, the olive salad threw me off a bit, and it ... Read More »

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