NolaVie Presents : Sculpture

London monuments pop up in NOLA

In the London/New Orleans icon exchange, six British landmarks will take up temporary residence at six local landmark locations to celebrate the new non-stop British Airways flight taking wing March 27 from the Big Easy to Big Ben’s home city. Renee Peck has the in-flight details. Read More »

Virtual gallery: Inside the Podesta studio

At first glance, artist Alex Podesta's studio appears to be arranged in no methodic fashion. Tubes and tools and drills and jars are strewn about from top to bottom, wall to wall. Old works, new works, molds and plastic composites are spread ... Read More »

The tale of the Podesta bunny men

Alex Podesta is known about town as the bunny-man artist. He’s the one who created the quintet of whimsical men/bunnies, their hands wrapped securely around the stone parapet, who peer down at passers-by from the rooftop of a building on ... Read More »

Art among the lumber

The showroom at Sequoia Outdoor Supply has all the offerings of a major lumber and construction concern: cedar play sets and wooden swings, fence posts and boxes of nails. But interspersed among them, like ancient Greek denizens molded ... Read More »

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