NolaVie Presents : Sarah Holtz

A museum of one's own: Momma Tried Magazine

The Momma Tried studio is everything you would want and nothing of what you'd expect. As Sarah Holtz and I approached the Pauger Street entrance, we were greeted by Micah Learned--co-founder of Momma Tried--on the front steps. Quickly after a ... Read More »

Seriously, click on it: Interactive Jazz Map

Editor's Note: What happens when you put together a jazz historian, a map maker, a sound engineer, and a writer/photographer? You just get a whole lot of jazz. Ba da bum! Check out this interactive jazz map for history you can literally walk through. Read More »

(Audio): A Museum of One's Own: John Isiah Walton

Sarah Holtz and Kelley Crawford head into the studio of John Isiah Walton to talk with him about his own personal museum for their series, "A Museum of One's Own." Read More »

Audio: Street Economy - Fernando Lima

In this second episode of "Street Economy" a confrontation between multiple street workers leads to a conversation about territory that no one really owns. Read More »

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