NolaVie Presents : Propeller

ChangeWorks: Grounds to Ground

When we talk about making our lives greener and more socially responsible, there’s evolved a set of “rules” we now follow. We buy organic (or at least all natural), we separate our plastics and break down our cardboard ... Read More »

ChangeWorks: Making the perfect pitch

Imagine you have an idea. A great idea. An idea for a social venture that could change New Orleans. Maybe it’s a bold new solution for attracting minority teachers. Maybe it’s a new app that streamlines disaster management. ... Read More »

ChangeWorks: Working with water

For generations in New Orleans, storm water run-off has been treated like an unruly houseguest: Get it out before it ruins everything we hold near and dear. But in the post-Katrina landscape of the city, a new and radical strategy is under way that flips decades of water phobia on its head. Read More »

ChangeWorks: Cottage industry with colorful promise

in the past few years, Camilla Franklin has had to remake her professional life. And so she has become an entrepreneur and an educator, starting her own small business and teaching her skills to women in transition, giving them vocational training that helps them become independent. Read More »

ChangeWorks: Doulas catch on as birth coaches

The word doula comes from the ancient Greek meaning “woman who serves.” The natural childbirth movement of the ‘60s and ‘70s spawned the practice of having a nonmedical attendant on hand to give physical, emotional and informational support during and after pregnancy. Read More »

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