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Twenty(something) Questions: Getting over New York

Joey Albanese

Living in a city like New York is hard, but leaving is harder. When you leave a city like New York, it’s like leaving someone you love. But not just any love, your first love. The breakup is ... Read More »

Growing Pains: Running with American spirit


As a New Orleans native, I often consider myself New Orleanian before anything else. Sometimes even before American. However, there are moments when the spirit of being an American really clicks. This past Sunday was one of them. ... Read More »

Growing Pains: NOLA rides the Metro

Washington Square Park, New York, New York

Sunday night, five of us from the Entrepreneurship Group at the University of Virginia summited the overpass into Jersey City. For this we had a magnificent view of the New York City skyline while we blasted Jay-Z’s “Empire ... Read More »

Twenty(something) Questions: What your first cassette tape says about you


If you're a twenty-something today, you can probably remember the first cassette tape that you purchased in the '90s, before CDs became mainstream. And whether you want to admit it or not, that album says a lot about ... Read More »

Growing Pains: She moonlights as my mom


"When I was 16, I thought my parents knew nothing.  When I was 21, I  was shocked to discover how much they had picked up in the last 5 years."  This week Growing Pains is for all the ... Read More »

Twenty(something) Questions: Last call

Joey Albanese

My favorite point in the night is when I turn the lights on at the bar, yell ‘last call’ and watch a couple stragglers do laps around the room looking for someone to go home with. I get ... Read More »

Love this city, sometimes unexpectedly


“I’m going to try to say this without using any French,” I told my dad, who was on the other end of the line. “I frickin love this city!” There! I did it, no French. Laughing, he replied, “Yeah, it ... Read More »

History lessons from the classroom


Editor’s note: NolaVie contributor Folwell Dunbar shares a few lessons about education he learned in and outside of the classroom.  A Tough Sell    Mr. B wore nothing but tweed. His eyes bulged with excitement (though it could have been the thick glasses?) as ... Read More »

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