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Artists In Their Own Words: Andrew Larimer

Who: Andrew Larimer What: Actor, App Creator Where: Lower Garden District Artist’s Chosen Location for Interview: His well-organized apartment where we sat next to a noticeable mountain of “almost dead” batteries. Q: What is something you always wished you ... Read More »

NOLA APPtitude: Livery Car

Despite a West Point education and cavalry career – he met his wife, another West Point grad, in Bosnia – Aaron Dirks is a self-professed geek. “I was building computers in my room at 13,” says Dirks, who ... Read More »

NOLA APPtitude: Daily specials at your fingertips

“I’m always asking people, ‘What brought you here?’” says restaurateur Tony Tocco. “And seven out of 10 say yelp. And six out of 10 are using it to pollinate their opinion. Crowd sourcing of opinion will always be around, but I thought, ‘There’s gotta be a better way.’” So Specialus was born. Read More »

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