NolaVie Presents : New Orleans History

Author reimagines pirate Jean Lafitte

Morgan Molthrop regales tourists with his tale of self-destruction on Wall Street and eventual resurrection back in New Orleans. Reinvention is an experience many of his listeners can relate to and a classically American phenomenon. A former investment ... Read More »

Silver Threads: Theater hopping

Only a couple of weeks after I came here to work for The New Orleans States-Item, the city editor handed me a plum assignment: to review two blockbuster movies opening on Canal Street. I’d see one of the ... Read More »

Last Call: Occupy New Orleans

Editor's note: Southern Glossary is a web-based magazine experimenting with different approaches to arts coverage. With a blend of feature writing and blogging, Southern Glossary hopes to provide wide-ranging communication among artists, performers, and art-lovers across the region. In ... Read More »

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