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Women in jazz spotlighted

Like many disciplines, women in jazz have been overlooked on many fronts. The New Orleans Jazz Museum at the U.S. Mint is doing something about that. They have a "Women of Note" exhibit that discusses and preserves the ladies who make this city sing. Read More »

Instajournal: Play that funky music

On Jan. 17, there will be a public meeting at City Hall at noon on the City Council's proposed new noise ordinance, also known as ‘The Seven Essentials Plan." If  passed, it will lower the legal limit for public ... Read More »

Gig Love

"ANY DAY MAKING A LIVING AS A MUSICIAN IS A GOOD ONE." Evan Christopher from a drab hotel that smells like a grandparent’s guest room (unused, save for the family dog), on a day that couldn’t possibly be. ... Read More »

Riffing on the Tradition: Love for sale

This last week, I was glad to learn that I’m not the only musician who resents being bullied into becoming overly reliant on the fan-based business model. The situation I described is  “Technological Share-cropping*,” whereby big businesses are ... Read More »

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