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Dithy ... what? A new music house


Dithyrambalina (dith-ee-ram-balina) is not a word that trips lightly off the tongue. Its root lies in Greek mythology. Try saying it two or three times, because it's a word that is going to be part of the New Orleans landscape, literally and figuratively. Read More »

1970 Jazz Fest on film


If it's April, it must be ... Jazz Fest, right? But today's event is a far cry from that first fest back in 1970. More than half a million people are expected to hit the Fairgrounds for this ... Read More »

Photo gallery: In the studio with The Nth Power

The Nth Power at Music Shed Studios, March 19, 2014 | Photo © Marc Pagani

Editor's note: The Nth Power recently invited international photographer extraordinaire Marc Pagani into the studio to get a glimpse of the new heavy hitting power-funk quintet laying down the grooves for their debut full-length studio album (check out ... Read More »

The mayor at French Quarter Festival


Ron Roberts is the mayor of DeRidder, La., a small town in the southwestern corner of the state. But for 31 years, he’s had a love affair with New Orleans and its music, ever since a spring day in 1984 when he and his wife, Martha Lou Roberts, stumbled onto the inaugural French Quarter Festival. Read More »

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