NolaVie Presents : Mignon Faget

From funk to fabulous: One artist's journey

What transformed Mignon Faget, now one of the South’s great jewelry designers, into an entrepreneur? It was the step from creating slightly funky but popular hippie-age clothing to the recognition that she could make a much better living with her precious metal jewelry. Read More »

Reflections from Mignon Faget

In this installment of Lesson from their Lives, an occasional series of interviews with iconic New Orleanians, Sharon Litwin talks with New Orleans artist and jeweler, Mignon Faget. To hear the interview at WWNO public radio, click here. What ... Read More »

Viewpoint: 'We are one city'

It was styled as a "Last Dance for the Picayune," but the gathering at New Orleans photographer John McCusker’s home on Saturday night was no wake, and, except for one mid-party segue into "Just a Closer Walk With ... Read More »

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