NolaVie Presents : Mardi Gras

Message in a bottle ... er, purse

Bentonville, Arkansas

For Carnival revelers, trinkets are treasure. But where does all that booty end up? The Krewe of Nyx decided to find out. Many of the krewe's trademark hand-decorated purses, tossed to revelers on Wednesday night, carried this message ... Read More »

Mardi Gras moments: No place to pee

porta potty

Famous New Orleans singer Benny Grunch wrote the song, "Aint no place to pee on Mardi Gras Day," but failed to mention the several other days leading up to Fat Tuesday that make relieving yourself nearly impossible. Here's a little help for the bathroom crowd. Among other tips: two words -- jello shots. Read More »


Photo: Claire Bangser

In this week's edition of NOLAbeings, photo journalist Claire Bangser meets a couple of Carnival kids, a costumed grandmother and an ophthalmologist with a statement hat. Read More »

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