NolaVie Presents : Madewood

How's Bayou? Madewood gets da boid

At first I thought it was Invasion of the Costume People III, or that Papageno, Mozart's feather-costumed birdcatcher, had strayed into Madewood's library, complete with birdcage on his back, after missing a cue in an errant production of ... Read More »

How's Bayou? Outwitting Gustav

He was our hurricane. Make no mistake: Katrina caused great inconvenience in Napoleonville -- conveniently remote at seventy-two miles northwest of New Orleans. We lost power at Madewood for fourteen hours that blustery end-of-August Sunday night, and most visitors ... Read More »

How's Bayou: Vive la France!

I can say without reservation: The French people are wonderful. Why? Mainly because they're SO French. They worship the "smelly sheeses" that I love to consume with a good bottle of their wine; they won't take no for ... Read More »

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