NolaVie Presents : Madewood

How's Bayou? Ghosts of classrooms past

The author (top right) and Little Ricky (bottom left) in second grade

  It's not that I'm so good. I just know that eventually I'd get caught. The past can get you in hot water, as actor Owen Wilson found out when paraphrasing William Faulkner in the 2012 film, Midnight ... Read More »

How's Bayou? My Magnificent Obsession


I'd like to blame it all on the 1954 tearjerker Magnificent Obsession, starring Jane Wyman, Rock Hudson and Agnes Moorehead, that I encountered on a Saturday outing with my parents when I was just eight years old. The ... Read More »

How's Bayou? Madewood gets da boid

Errol Grey: Tea at Madewood?

At first I thought it was Invasion of the Costume People III, or that Papageno, Mozart's feather-costumed birdcatcher, had strayed into Madewood's library, complete with birdcage on his back, after missing a cue in an errant production of ... Read More »

How's Bayou? Invasion of the Costume People, Part 2: Ghosts of Guests Past

Julie and Terry arrive for dinner at Madewood, Credit Angela Johnson

Another Gone with the Wind Moment at Madewood: Verneatha flew through the doorway into the kitchen, pale and breathless after delivering snacks to guests at the pre-dinner reception on the other side of the house. "Miss Angie," she ... Read More »

How’s Bayou? “Gimme an E!”


In a How's Bayou? column published a year ago, bed-and-breakfast proprietor Keith Marshall explores entrepreneurship -- on a budget. Read More »

How's Bayou? 'Louis, Louis' on N.Y.E.

We need one of these at Madewood.

A memorable post-Katrina New Year's Eve at Madewood included formal attire, a round of "Old Enzyme" and an AK-47. Read More »

How's Bayou? Household economy

Grampa Damonte observes Madewood's parlor tree. (Photo by Angela Bergeron)

The 18th-century mistresses of English Stately Homes, with their carefully-chronicled oeconomies, had it right: Watch the pence, and the pounds will take care of themselves. Things were flush on December 26, 2008; and armed with credit cards that ... Read More »

How's Bayou? Getting things straight, gay or in flagrante

A Madewod carved pineapple -- a little too hospitable?

Sometimes the light bulb just doesn't go on. More than a decade ago, a young woman employee at Madewood came to me and announced with gravity, "My husband won't let me work here with the new guy." Mark, ... Read More »

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