NolaVie Presents : Louisiana

A change did come...

Guidry has recently added a few acres of sweet potatoes to his farm. He’s growing them as a hobby now but expects to make a commercial crop in the near future.

Sugarcane farmer Charles Guidry of Erath knew that if he was going to get ahead, things would have to change. But as the old Serenity Prayer goes, one has to have the courage to change the things one ... Read More »

LANote: Cultivating hope

Louisiana trees have a special a special character. Pictured: Oak Alley Plantation.

Trees inspire me, and my bias tells me that Louisiana trees have a special personality. Now, I know that trees have no knowledge of state boundaries, but still… I love to photograph them in the winter, against bleak ... Read More »

Hide! The Alligator’s outside or great holiday gifts


Lizards are creepy. Their ability to adapt their skin color from brown to lime green is disconcerting. And when they inflate their tiny pink throats to gargantuan size, it looks pretty disgusting. My grandmother had a lush garden ... Read More »

An unwrapped gift

McGee's Landing in Henderson Louisiana.

I grew up in the Poor Man’s Provence. That is the appellation columnist Rheta Grimsley Johnson used to describe Henderson, a fishing community in St. Martin Parish, in her book Poor Man’s Provence. She got the poor man part right—most ... Read More »

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