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The latest Jazz Fest 2012 info & more from the New Orleans music scene.

Jazz Fest for the ages

An 83-year difference in Jazz Festers. (Photo: Renee Peck)

When they say that Jazz Fest is for young and old, they mean it. Renee Peck gives you the ins and outs (and ups and downs) of hitting Jazz Fest with her 84 year-old mom. There are bumps and off-road terrain, and Renee has ideas to make that journey a lovely one. Read More »

Food Porn: Good little monsters

Softshell po-boy 2015

Last weekend, I accomplished what can best be described as "my annual Jazz Fest food orgy." Now, I know most people attend the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage festival for the music; the crafts; and just the fact ... Read More »

Jazz Fest weekend 2 recap


After a very stormy first weekend, Jazz Fest crowds were treated to a weekend of perfect weather.  With the great weather came some of the biggest crowds I've ever seen at the Fairgrounds, including what had to be ... Read More »

Virtual Gallery: Joy fest

(Photo by: Hanna Rasanen)

I had a very specific, very inaccurate idea of what a music festival could be when I walked through the Fair Grounds' security gate last Thursday morning.  I settled on that day and time to avoid crowds; nevertheless, I was prepared for chic Coachella ... Read More »

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