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The latest Jazz Fest 2012 info & more from the New Orleans music scene.

Silver Threads: Fest fashions

In addition to scores of great music, Jazz Fest is sure to boast eccentric fashions.

One of the reasons I enjoyed going to Jazz Fest when it was but a fledgling fete more than 40, 30 and 25 years ago was for the entertainment of people watching. I’ve told you before that I’ve ... Read More »

Why you should see Phish at Jazz Fest 2014

Phish @ The Gorge Amphitheatre - 7/26/2013 | Photo by Jimmy Grotting / Live Music Blog

With three decades under their belt, the four abundantly-talented Vermonters known as Phish will make their long-overdue and highly-anticipated (for many, but not all) return to the Fairgrounds in the (forecasted) idyllic weather this Saturday afternoon. Eighteen years ... Read More »

Last Call: Jazz Fest week 1 edition

Stirling Barrett - St. Louis Cathedral

The artists and craftsmen of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival may not generate enough anticipation to warrant their own cubes, and, let’s face it, no one is losing sleep trying to make their ideal route through the tents to hit up certain booths. Read More »

Post-Fest show guide: Part 1

Pretty Lights

Every Jazz Fest veteran knows that some of the best performances of the week don’t happen at the Fair Grounds. And while the actual festival still offers the best bang for your buck, the dozens of shows happening ... Read More »

1970 Jazz Fest on film


If it's April, it must be ... Jazz Fest, right? But today's event is a far cry from that first fest back in 1970. More than half a million people are expected to hit the Fairgrounds for this ... Read More »

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