NolaVie Presents : Hurricane Katrina

UNO press seeks submissions for an online anthology of online post-Katrina writing

Panelists at the first Rising Tide conference, in 2006, which brought together bloggers and other tech-savvy citizens to discuss the role of the Internet in the rebuilding and future of New Orleans. From left: Dedra Johnson, name forgotten, Greg Peters, Scout Prime, and Ashley Morris (photo by Maitri, via Flickr).

The University of New Orleans Press—in collaboration with editor, journalist, and former New Orleanian Cynthia Joyce—is seeking recommendations for content to include in a new anthology of some of the best Hurrican Katrina-related blogging and online writing. “If ... Read More »

Yes, there are entrepreneurs in Lower Nine

Burnell Cotlon

There’s a new barber shop down in Lower Nine; actually, it’s the only barber shop in Lower Nine. It’s one part of a project-in-the-making that already contains a sweet shop with sno-balls and candy and, one day soon, ... Read More »

New Orleans, nine years later

Source: White House photo by Paul Morse

Out in the Great Elsewhere, people ask me all the time: “How is New Orleans doing? Is it back?” Friday marks the 9th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and the answer is: yes and no. Yes, we are back in ... Read More »

Calling New Orleans 'baby'


What kind of wild, whimsical, world does a gypsy call home? And how, now that I've found it, can I say goodbye? When I came here you called me baby and I turned up my nose. "Be nice or leave," you said, and so I was nice. Read More »

It's called NOLA Syndrome

french quarter2

Like birds instinctively driven to migrate, I am semi-annually drawn to the Big Easy. I’ve never lived in New Orleans or parts there about, nor do I have any friends or relatives in residence, past or present. I am a stranger in a familiar land. Read More »

I'm coming home

Royal Street

August 29, 2005. New Orleans will forever exist as two cities: The one that existed before that date, and the one after. I'm sitting in front of my computer, debating whether or not $430 is too much to spend ... Read More »

You've come a long way, crybaby


When the lovable Mrs. Muffin asked me a question on live television in 1952, I froze. When I was supposed to present something before not just the lower school but also the middle school, and I knew my cousin ... Read More »

VIDEO: "Bricks and Sticks: Public vs. Private"

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 5.07.37 PM

Is access to affordable housing a human right? In the years since Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans has seen all of the “Big Four” public housing developments demolished and replaced by mixed-income developments, spearheaded by public/private partnerships. Read More »

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