NolaVie Presents : French Quarter

Instajournal: Play that funky music


On Jan. 17, there will be a public meeting at City Hall at noon on the City Council's proposed new noise ordinance, also known as ‘The Seven Essentials Plan." If  passed, it will lower the legal limit for public ... Read More »

Will locals ride the big red bus?

Balcony-eye views from up top

At this time of year, the city's big red buses are cruising the streets in holiday finery by day -- and by night. A new Holiday Lights tour includes stops at the Angelhair lobby and Fulton Mall. For the occasion, we're reposting our story about the hop-on hop-off buses when they first came to town a year ago. Read More »

Instajournal: Delirium on Decatur Street

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 2.04.38 PM

Mild November weather. Streaks of blue here and there. Nice Saturday morning to stroll the French Quarter, before the clouds roll in. Or so you thought. Until ... What's this? The PEOPLE. The line strings along Decatur, from ... Read More »

Not all ghost stories are scary


Growing up, ghost stories were just another name for scary stories that were either told around a campfire or on Halloween. Then I moved to New Orleans. The presences, or at least suggestions, of ghosts were everywhere. The ... Read More »

How's Bayou? I Can't Sleep!

John McCrady, I Can't Sleep, 1933/48

If you think noise in the French Quarter is bad these days, try on the 1940s for size. Meetings to block a restaurant, or to cap noise levels around Bourbon Street, would have been met with a yawn ... Read More »

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