NolaVie Presents : Food

A sampling of stories about the many flavors of New Orleans.

Scott Gold brings home the bacon

Congratulations to NolaVie contributor and Food Porn columnist Scott Gold, who beat out some 1,600 other salivating writers for the title of the nation's Bacon Critic. His competition included a guy with a giant bacon cross tattooed on his back, a guy ... Read More »

Summer salads: Sardine spinach salad

The little fish are making an appearance in this week's "Summer Salad" series, and Jean-Mark Sens will convince you why those slippery little guys are well worth it. Read More »

Food Porn: little orange balls

Food Porn writer Scott Gold is all about the arancini, and after reading about these Italian, deep-fried balls of deliciousness you'll be looking for them everywhere you go. That might lead you to Italy or some new places to explore in New Orleans. Read More »

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