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A sampling of stories about the many flavors of New Orleans.

Food Porn Friday: Nice mussels!

Steamed mussels in a chili, coconut and lime broth, courtesy of Chef Jonathan Lestingi.

The phrase I most often find myself employing when it comes to the topic of seafood in South Louisiana is "an embarrassment of riches."  Between the oysters, shrimp, blue crabs, soft-shells, and stunningly beautiful Gulf fish, living in ... Read More »

Et cetera

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Meet: Ashe's "Standing in the Shadows (no more)" quilting workshop. Quilting and its function as a narrative device is of historical and cultural importance to both New Orleans and the larger African American community. The Ashe Cultural Arts Center ... Read More »

Five favorite places to eat healthy and fast in New Orleans

Fast (health) food: Options do exist, as in this fresh food vending machine (Photo: Summer Suleiman)

Who says you can’t get healthy food fast in New Orleans? I’ve been on the hunt for healthy eating options since I returned home (with an occasional binge on po’boys and beignets in between). There are plenty of ... Read More »

Et cetera

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Eat: Not Your Sugar Mamas chocolate chip "be kookies." With the slow but steady emergence of juice shops, salad bars, and vegetarian restaurants, New Orleans is, dare I say, strolling towards healthier culinary framework. Self-procliamed Uptown “wellness boutique” Raw ... Read More »

We've Got Soul's bacon marmalade recipe

We've got soul puts a savory spin on marmalade by incorporating bacon into their recipe.

We've Got Soul, a soul food pop-up restaurant specializing in food from the Mississippi Delta area, shares its recipe for one hell of a meaty condiment: a savory bacon marmalade. "You can use this on anything from hamburgers to ... Read More »

Food with soul

We've Got Soul's fried green tomato slider

Creative projects come to life through myriad forms and processes. For local culinary entrepreneur Tres Barnard, owner and chef of soul food pop-up We’ve Got Soul, that project sprang from a makeshift kitchen sink and an empty orange ... Read More »

Food Porn Friday: Hot day? Cold noodles.

Hiyashi chuka: Your new summertime romance.

It's no breathtaking mystery that I love ramen.  I have spoken often and passionately about my love of these Japanese wheat noodles, and how a bowl of hot, spicy ramen with a rich broth and a copious amount of ... Read More »

Et cetera

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Meet: A DIY metalsmithing course. Handmade jewelry and homeware shop Tooth & Nail Trading Co. (3952 Magazine), the recent brainchild of two local jewelry makers who met at Frenchmen Art Market, is offering a four-part metalsmithing class at ... Read More »

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