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Silver Threads: Fest fashions

In addition to scores of great music, Jazz Fest is sure to boast eccentric fashions.

One of the reasons I enjoyed going to Jazz Fest when it was but a fledgling fete more than 40, 30 and 25 years ago was for the entertainment of people watching. I’ve told you before that I’ve ... Read More »

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beware artist

Meet: Milkfish -- the restaurant. After months and months…and more months, former pop-up MIlkfish has opened the doors of its standing restaurant (125 N. Carrolton). The joint that prides itself on its irrefutable reputation as “the only Filipino food ... Read More »

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Meet: Seed. Eating at a vegan cafe in NOLA is like seeking out a pizza parlor in Beijing. Right? Needless to say, in new Orleans, vegan menu options have been notoriously limited and vegan restaurants have been, well, ... Read More »

Sports fashion: A retrospective

Saints fans wear paper bag outfits during a dismal season

The NFL Draft is still 40 days away, the Pelicans are in rebuilding mode and, sadly, I did not win Warren Buffet’s $1 billion March Madness challenge (but neither did anyone else). As a result, I find myself ... Read More »

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Eat : The Pho Challenge. Bring out your eatin' pants. Pho Cam Ly (3814 Magazine), the latest addition to the mushrooming Vietnamese restaurant scene in New Orleans, offers a super-sized bowl -- or bucket, rather -- of pho Read More »

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Meet: Red's Chinese. Forgive me if I offend your Chinese stand-by (we all need somewhere to order in from on Fat Tuesday), but the native San Franciscan in me has to say it: Chinese food in this city ... Read More »

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Meet: Nola Smokehouse. Hopefully you aren't giving up meat for Lent, because jumping on board the slow but steady barbecue locomotive pulling in to New Orleans is Lower Garden District joint, Nola Smokehouse (739 Jackson). The former pop-up ... Read More »

Message in a bottle ... er, purse

Bentonville, Arkansas

For Carnival revelers, trinkets are treasure. But where does all that booty end up? The Krewe of Nyx decided to find out. Many of the krewe's trademark hand-decorated purses, tossed to revelers on Wednesday night, carried this message ... Read More »

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