NolaVie Presents : Environment

UNO Documentary: Public Lab, a community science project

NolaVie and UNO partner together to put students in the community and provide the community with documentary films about the people and places that make this city vibrant. UNO student and filmmaker Zak Moses talks with partners and participants of Public Lab, a non-profit organization aimed at helping people and the environment in creative, unconventional ways. Read More »

Conversations about climate change

Writer and producer Christy George has been covering climate change in the environment for 15 years. She’s in New Orleans as a 2016 Flint and Steel Cross-disciplinary Combustion Resident at A Studio in the Woods. With the help ... Read More »

Viewfinder: Man vs. Wild

 I have always been fascinated by—and sometimes critical of—the human struggle to conquer wilderness through domestication and industrialization. I believe that this drive correlates in part with a desire to establish ourselves as our own masters, beings that have transcended the limitations ... Read More »

VIDEO: The Xmas tree drop

Last Thursday, thousands of Christmas trees were airlifted by helicopter and dropped into Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge. February 20th marked the 15th annual "Christmas Tree Drop" program, which helps preserve our wetlands and animal life. You know that ... Read More »

Gen. Honoré rallies the bloggers

New Orleans’ battalion of online revolutionaries convened for the eighth annual Rising Tide event at Xavier University on Saturday with a surprisingly traditional hero headlining as keynote speaker. United States Army three-star General Russel Honoré, who was thrust ... Read More »

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