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VIDEO: 'Our School at Blair Grocery'


In recent years, the efficacy of each New Orleans' education and food systems has attracted national and local attention, revealing tremendous needs for change in both spheres. Our School at Blair Grocery (OSBG) is rethinking and attempting to improve both ... Read More »

Love dogs? So does TIPNO

Tipno @CC's_use

John Rogerson, former aircraft engineer, maker of exotic musical instruments, travels the world spreading his doctrine of compassionate and informed dog care and ownership. He is the man: the worldwide leader in dog training, sought after by organizations ... Read More »

VIDEO: 'VetLaunch and Landing Zone'


As New Orleans' entrepreneurial community grows, so too does diversity of its entrepreneurs and organizations that support these entrepreneurs. In 2014, VetLaunch -- a not-for-profit entrepreneurial organization that is geared specifically towards helping business-minded vets launch their startups -- was ... Read More »

Getting that perfect New Orleans look

Emily Shaya in the  pristinely arranged LGD warehouse that houses her antique gems. (photo: Hanna Rassanen)

Emily Shaya is one of the up-and-coming entrepreneurs garnering recent attention both for and in New Orleans. Unlike some New Orleans-based businesses making a current splash, however, Shaya’s is decidedly local in spirit and in execution. New Orleanians (and others ... Read More »

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