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Character actor is 'King of New Orleans'

David Jensen stars as a United cabbie in 'The King of New Orleans.'

David Jensen’s face is probably a familiar one. He’s the doctor who brings an elderly Brad Pitt into the world in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The eye-in-sky-casino tech in Oceans Eleven. And, one of his favorites, ... Read More »

Writing smart without losing your audience

Charlie Stockman and Chuck Armstrong form the comedy duo charles (Photo: Charles Comedy)

Is there such thing as writing that is too smart for the audience? Charlie Stockman and Chuck Armstrong of the comedy duo Charles don’t think so. “I honestly believe,” says Stockman, “that really good comedy - even when ... Read More »

Southern Glossary: Social justice documentaries at Film Fest


This post comes from our friends at Southern Glossary, who are bringing us New Orleans Film Festival spotlights throughout the week, leading up to tonight's opening (Thursday, October 16). Here's a quick list of social justice doc screenings:  Evolution of a Criminal ... Read More »

Concert Recap: Chromeo at the Republic

credit: Nina Feldman

With New Orleans under a tornado watch on Monday night, funk band Chromeo blew into town and swept a packed crowd at Republic off its feet. The duo's pop-tinged R&B had the audience dancing from the opening notes, on what ... Read More »

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