NolaVie Presents : Education

UNO documentary: 'Our School at Blair Grocery'

In recent years, the efficacy of each New Orleans' education and food systems has attracted national and local attention, revealing tremendous needs for change in both spheres. Our School at Blair Grocery (OSBG) is rethinking and attempting to improve both ... Read More »

Silver Threads: Humanities today

At so near the age of 80 that I’m already pondering which grand New Orleans restaurant I’ll be dining at on my birthday next month, I have a few problems remembering some things. Not the usual “what did ... Read More »

UNO documentary: 'Youth Empowerment Project'

Gun violence has been a prevalent social issue facing many young New Orleanians for several years. Subsequently, the Youth Empowerment Project -- a community-based not-for-profit organization founded in 2004 to assist young people returning to New Orleans from correctional ... Read More »

Xavier professor Dan Shore says goodbye to NOLA

I recently taught my very last class at Xavier University. I've pulled up my proverbial stakes and headed back up north, where I look forward to spending more time with my wife and family and more time writing music. Read More »

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