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From funk to fabulous: One artist's journey

What transformed Mignon Faget, now one of the South’s great jewelry designers, into an entrepreneur? It was the step from creating slightly funky but popular hippie-age clothing to the recognition that she could make a much better living with her precious metal jewelry. Read More »

She loves them, yeah, yeah, yeah

We continue to miss Sharon Litwin's sharp and hilarious view on life, and we are reminded of her unique angle on even the most known stories. In this piece, she looks back at when the Beatles came to New Orleans, and she talks about it the way only she can (and always with a love for New Orleans at the forefront). The Brits and New Orleans together was a merger close to Sharon's heart. Read More »

Lessons from their lives: Seduced by sculpture

As we continue to remember and honor our Queen Sharon Litwin, we look at the role she has played in many lives. In this story she wonders: was there one event that led the third-generation owner of K&B, the iconic New Orleans-based drugstore chain, into the world of sculpture? There was. And Sydney J. Besthoff III remembers it well. It all began, he says, when he went shopping for a building to house the company. Read More »

Teaching the humanities of hacking

As we continue to honor Sharon Litwin, today we highlight her story done on Chuck Gardner, who teaches algebra and math. He’s also the Cyber Science Coordinator, the one who runs the elective robot classes. And it's not just about the mechanics. By introducing his students to the critical humanities aspects and social responsibilities of the devices they are learning to build, he is teaching them how to deal with and respect automated systems that can operate without human control. Read More »

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