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Food Porn: Of love and sno-balls

This is what heaven would look like if it were piled into a plastic cup.

When Hansen's Sno-Bliz opened earlier this month, it was hardly what you'd call "sno-ball weather."  The day was lugubriously gray, damp and chilly, the kind of weather you'd expect to find in Oregon rather than in New Orleans ... Read More »

Food Porn: Put an egg on it!


As you might have guessed from my previous stories and photos here, I love eggs.  There were my musings on the Scotch egg at the Irish House, and of course my addition of a fried egg on top ... Read More »

Food Porn Friday: DEFEND METRY

The seafood muffaletta at Parran's on Veteran's Blvd. in Metairie.

The NOLA corner of the Internet has been blowing up of late, particularly when it comes to the idea of cultural appropriation and the nature of authenticity.  First there was the Glambeaux controversy, about which I had a ... Read More »

A wing tour of New Orleans

Garlic Parmesan and Hot Lemon Pepper wings from Fleury of Wings in Gentilly

Editor's note: Super Bowl snack displays are almost (marybe more?) as important as the game. And the wings are like the Quarterbacks of the spread -- you pick good ones and you're the party's guest or host of ... Read More »

Food Porn Friday: Carnival time!

Domenica king cake: Pure gold

Editor's note: Still, only marginally revived from his Domenica king cake sugar coma circa 2013, Scott Gold is ready for another piece, or twenty.  The New Year's celebrations might have died down, but in this town, that means ... Read More »

Five New Orleans hangover remedies


Well, of course, here in the land of go cups, drive-through daiquiris, hand grenades and big-ass beers, we’re consumed with hangover remedies. So, after some sober research online, I offer these NOLA-centric cures for New Year’s Eve over-indulgence. ... Read More »



Meet: Fleur de Light's fleur de lis candles. Bring the scents of New Orleans (the good ones, that is) in to your house. Locally based scent company Fleur de Light, produces a line of fleur de lis candles, which, ... Read More »

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