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Designated Diner: Going vegan on Canal


Designated Diner: Emma Fick Day job: Artist/illustrator and author of "Snippets of Serbia," annotated illustrations done of Serbia while living there. She's working on a second volume, "Snippets of New Orleans," that will be previewed in the coming weeks at NolaVie. ... Read More »

Wake up and (don't) smell the bacon

Bacon gets (another) bad rap, but is it really a no-no? (Photo: Albert Cahalan, Wikicommons)

Last month, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)  released a report on the potential cancer risks associated with consuming certain types of red and processed meats. The study got a tremendous amount of media attention ... Read More »

Food Porn: Attack of the Shakshouka

The Shukshuka-gator at Kingfish featured a softly baked egg over alligator ragu

There are several reasons why my introduction to the Middle Eastern dish called shakshouka was both memorable and also kind of weird. First, I adore the food of that region, and while I can't claim to have ever been ... Read More »

Food Porn: Confessions of an egg hacktivist

The author's "Healthy McMuffin": turkey, egg, Sriracha and avocado. Eat that, clown.

The time has come once again, my friends, to discuss that perfect, beautiful, indispensible food without which life would be naught but shallow, melancholy grayness: the egg. Ah, the egg. I've discussed this Platonic ideal of a foodstuff ... Read More »

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