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We've got your weekend: Time is ticking by

Wednesday, November 30/The Orpheum Theater (129 Roosevelt Way): Food can be many things in New Orleans, including inspiration for great art. Well, The Orpheum Theater will be hosting Jambalaya, the Musical, by award-winning creator Nancy Gregory, on November 30 at ... Read More »

UNO documentary: Talking choreography with Meryl Murman

In partnership with UNO professor Laszlo Fulop, NolaVie and UNO students head into the community do document what is happening in the here and now. This week highlights choreographer and dancer Meryl Murman, whose piece "The Lipstick" will be exhibited at the CAC on Friday, September 29 and Saturday, October 1. Read More »

Final days for 'Normal'

I am a University of Texas graduate, so I paid attention when Austin began chanting “Keep Austin Weird.” I have been musing lately that an authentic "brand" for New Orleans would be “Next To Normal.” After all, no one ... Read More »

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