NolaVie Presents : Congo Square

Jazz at the Park adds something for Congo Kids


When Jazz in the Park gets under way Thursday afternoon at Congo Square, the age span may skew a little younger than usual. For the first time, the weekly jazz concert series will feature an additional tier of ... Read More »

Is It Music Or Is It Noise?


New Orleans isn’t the only city in the country where the answer to that question may simply depend on which part of town you live. Other urban areas also have had to walk the often fine line between ... Read More »

Slut Walk: Fighting against "asking for it"


This Saturday, the Slut Walk comes to New Orleans. The Slut Walk marches started in Toronto last April to protest the rationalization and explanation of rape by referring to a woman’s appearance. The slut walk promotes the idea ... Read More »

The V Side: Tons of free music under the moon and flag

Edward Anderson plays a new riff on the bamboula, to commemorate the state bicentennial. (Photo by Jason Kruppa)

THURSDAY / Land of the free: What's red, white, and blue all over? “My America,” a documentary film by award-winning Australian filmmaker Peter Hegedus. “With a sense of fun and playful naivety," the film "challenges the anti-American rhetoric of the ... Read More »

Herbie Hancock to launch International Jazz Day with sunrise show

Herbie Hancock will play a sunrise show in Congo Square on April 30th, 2012

Herbie Hancock has announced plans for the launch of an International celebration of jazz, and plans to center the diplomatic worldwide event around the first weekend of this year's New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. The official kick-off ... Read More »

Love NOLA: A fool's journey

Brett Will Taylor (photo by Jason Kruppa)

NolaVie is celebrating its first birthday this week. I asked our editor, Renee Peck, if she wanted me to write anything special to commemorate this most auspicious of occasions. "Write about your evolutionary journey in New Orleans. You ... Read More »

Silver Threads: 41 years later, a Jazz Fest original remains a fan

When the little Anding family of four went to Jazzfest in 1970, we made up 2 percent of the total attendance; there were 196 other people -- give or take -- there that day in Congo Square. The ... Read More »

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