NolaVie Presents : City Park

Lessons from their lives: Seduced by sculpture

As we continue to remember and honor our Queen Sharon Litwin, we look at the role she has played in many lives. In this story she wonders: was there one event that led the third-generation owner of K&B, the iconic New Orleans-based drugstore chain, into the world of sculpture? There was. And Sydney J. Besthoff III remembers it well. It all began, he says, when he went shopping for a building to house the company. Read More »

Snippets Of New Orleans: Tree Roots

Following Emma Fick's "Snippets of New Orleans," we look into the oldest roots we can find in New Orleans. It's the 800-year-old tree in City Park, and boy does it have a story to tell about its life. Read More »

The Beatles then and now

An Ed Sullivan lookalike will introduce a Beatles band soundalike when WYES kicks off a concert at Tad Gormley Stadium Tuesday celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Fab Four's performance here on Sept. 16, 1964. So what has ... Read More »

UNO documentary: 'City Park Gondola'

Nola Gondola owner Robert Dula realized his dream of owning a gondola in 2003; by March of 2004 he had created a business operating a gondola service (New Orleans' only gondola service, in fact) in City Park. For folks ... Read More »

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