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Summer in the city: Sno-balls

snoball2This summer we're running a Throwback Thursday series, where we feature one of our favorite summer pieces from the past. Today it's all about sno-balls. Keep reading to forgo a round of iced-saccharine Russian roulette and maintain your candied hydration with the real deal.

Sno-ball stand openings are as sure a sign of summer in New Orleans as booster club baseball tryouts or too-hot-to-touch steering wheels. Come hot weather, it seems every neighborhood corner has one pop up, like mushrooms in a clover field after a summer thundershower.

Local artist and photographer Gretchen Wheaton offers this virtual exhibition of sno-ball signs, harbingers of shaved-ice-and-syrup season in New Orleans. Colorful, idiosyncratic, expressive, they become, through her expressive images, icons of dog day afternoons in the City that Care Forgot. Enjoy.