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Rising Art: Home Space will house Brian St. Cyr's precise cuts

Tea Cage 3 (Brian St. Cyr)

Weekly I compile Bywater and citywide art events and artists who engage in inquisitive, vigorous and sonorous forms of art-making. Brian St. Cyr‘s resourceful sculptures, constructed from Lipton Tea boxes, are simple, clever and delicate works. Below is my correspondence with St. Cyr, who is participating in a group exhibition at Home Space, 1128 St. Roch Avenue. The exhibition featuring Lisa Silvestri, Julia Haw, St. Cyr and others will open today at 6 p.m. and close June 4.

Are you showing a particular series at Home Space, or varied recent work?

I am showing the latest series of manipulated mass produced objects. Lipton Tea Boxes fresh off the shelf with no additional materials but some white glue. I always find a challenge in co-opting and customizing to my will benign everyday items. I started with my Dad’s van back in the day before I formally identified myself as being an artist
Have you been working in this way/ with these materials for a while, or is this a new venture?
I have recently moved back to New Orleans and am focusing on works on paper for the next year. I have in the past done customized object series based on coffeemakers, rabbit cages and pornography so the venture is the same but the source material is always new.

What are your formal (artist) and informal (visual imagery) inspirations?
I love the heavy hitters, Cy Twombly, Philip Guston, Howard Finster. I am drawn to the “magic window” effect of a good painting no matter the style. There is something wonderful about the act of removing a painting from the floor and hanging on the wall that transforms it from merely an object in real space and time that of a portal into something sublime or bizarre. As far as the everyday I left NY to be back in new Orleans where I feel you can never walk down the same street twice given all the high and low beauty.

What biographical would you like to give about yourself?I slept overnight on the Great Wall of China 2 years ago.

I’m obsessed with Gene Simmons (the myth not the person).
I’m happily married and live under my studio in the Bywater with my lovely wife Bekah.


Tea Cage 1 (Brian St. Cyr)

Georgia Kennedy, an artist and writer, is a member of T-LOT in the St. Claude Arts District.