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Portrait of a creative space: Randolph Asprodites

Randolph Asprodites has spent his entire career as an artist seeking out influences. His first was the legendary New Orleans painter and sculptor, Ida Kohlmeyer. Randy was her studio assistant for two years in the early 1970’s. She taught him a number of techniques, and she convinced him to go to art school. She recommended that he go to Tulane, but he chose Indiana State University instead. According to Randy, “I wanted to expose myself to influences outside of my own hometown.”

After earning an MFA, he returned to New Orleans. He taught and coached at Brother Martin High School, and he showed at the prestigious Stern Gallery on Julia Street. There, he was influenced by other artists, including Richard Johnson, Doyle Gertjejansen, Simon Gunning, and my dad, George Dunbar.

Every summer, Randy would travel to Europe with his students and explore museums like the Louvre, Centre Pompidou, Rijksmuseum, Tate Modern, and Guggenheim. He was influenced by Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Antoni Tapies, Cy Twombly and Robert Ryman. Over the years, he developed his own unique style, and, of course, influenced countless others himself.

Randy’s studio is located in a contemporary home in Uptown New Orleans. It has plenty of natural light and clean white walls. It, and the house are filled with books, photographs and paintings, even more evidence of his many influences…


Randy is represented by Cole Pratt Gallery on Magazine Street. To learn more about the artist, go to http://asprodites.com.




Folwell Dunbar is a New Orleans educator, artist and survivor of many things, from roaches to German U-boats and heartbreak. He is putting together a collection of these short stories and survival tales called He Falls Well (his name is pronounced “fall well”). NolaVie is honored to preview some of those stories here. Email him at fldunbar@me.com.