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Picturing NOLA: Confessions of an Instagram Ninja

I'm jonesin', and it's bad. Real bad.

If you've read my previous posts (here and here), you know that I've become a hopeless Instagram addict.

Resistance is futile

Every day, as if controlled by some mysterious otherworldly force, I'm compelled to venture forth into the city, armed only with my cellphone camera, to capture details large and small of our beloved New Orleans.

Afterward, I run these photos through Instagram's magical filters, and they're transformed into something else entirely (I mean, they're still photographs; the same, only different).

Occasionally, however, the demands of everyday life conspire to prevent me from getting my Instagram fix: things like the need to do real work (I'm a freelance writer and photographer) or the necessity of maintaining a stable and happy marriage (my wife is generally supportive of my addiction, even though I've been known to push the envelope at times -- like repeatedly taking out my cellphone for photos during our wedding anniversary stroll through the French Quarter).

But I digress.

Today was one of those days. Until...

The myth. The legend. The Instagram.

The myth. The legend. The Instagram.

... the wife suggested an after-dinner trip to Angelo Brocato's for ice cream.

The endorphins exploded in my brain with the thought that soon I'd be photographing Brocato's neon sign at dusk -- unquestionably the best time to shoot neon, with just a trace of still-blue sky in the background. It felt like I'd hit the jackpot on a Vegas slot machine.

Afer photographing Brocato's sign (and getting ice cream), we explored the surrounding area for a few more gratuitous Instagrams. It was a lovely evening.

I'm good now.

Until tomorrow.

Check out Glen's gallery of Instagram photos from his Brocato's adventure:

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