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Morning Glories

By Arthur Smith of Calliope Street

Ah, the joys of walking to work in the Quarter.
My office is in the heart of the Quarter, on Jackson Square, about three-quarters of a mile from my home in the Quarter's most extreme lakeside-downtown block. Living in the grid is never boring. You can zig and zag, and not follow the same route twice.
I'm Pac-Man.
Because I'm on one side of the street or the other, because the light is different, or perhaps because my mind is fresh and my eyes just opened from sleep, I always see something on these walks I've never seen before. Evenings are different lately. The hot dog-breath of summer and unfinished business oppress me. I often walk straight home and don't go out again until it's finally dark.

I left about 7:30 this morning and brought my camera, not knowing what I would see.

This is the Baure-Dupremont house. Been there since 1793. How do I know this? Because I stopped to read the plaque for the first time in my life

A favorite pair of dormers over the Nellie Deli looked especially good in the morning sun.

Some guys were already at work, scaling the ladder of success.

Other guys were not. One day, I will arrange my life like this.

This submission to NolaVie was originally published on Calliope Street.